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The Role of Education in Technology

Technology is very important, rather, it is an essential part of education. It is used for a lot of things which include , raising the standard in the global village of education .

A long time ago , learning was done simply by demonstration. However with time, technology has improved this. Technology has helped us access the internet and do research work. In some courses , for example computer science, technology is needed. With technology, one can even study online.

In addition to that ,technology helps us to get more information about as certain topic. Today in education, we use projectors, laptops, phones and other electronics to study. Some students who would love to pursue engineering and medicine, need technology for practice.

In the teaching of subjects such as Biology and Physics, technology is required. This is seen in the use of microscopes, weight balance and spring balances. Calculators also help in the study of Mathematics and Physics.

Without technology, education would be less interesting.

Written by, Anne Njuguna

Student, Mustard Seed International Schools.

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