Mustard Seed International Schools

Welcome to Mustard Seed Schools

Junior School

Academic Curriculum

Our stimulating curriculum is enriched with learning experiences and activities to appeal to all learners. We ensure that all children enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum to help them develop a wide range of educational skills. Our approach to studies is topic and E-learning based so that learning is inter-linked, directed and based on a well-structured approach.

Our Junior school library is our literacy laboratory where English and Communication Skills are enhanced and sharpened. Scientific enquiry skills are steadily developed in our well-equipped science laboratory. This is reinforced by incorporation of E-learning in all subjects courtesy of our well-furnished ICT center.

Mustard Seed International Schools Junior Wing provides a high quality education. Our curriculum is enriched with real life experiences which encourage children to think imaginatively and make intelligent choices. We strive to achieve the highest standards possible within a safe, happy and caring environment. Our school motto, “Rise and Shine”, always keeps us alert.

We see the education of our children to be a partnership between home and school and we work closely with parents as equal partners to ensure that the children’s time at MSIS Junior wing is enjoyable, rewarding and successful.

Parental Involvement

We value good relationships with parents. Parents are welcome to help out in school or to attend workshops, parents’ meetings and special events.


Co-Curricular Activities

We offer a myriad of extra-curricular activities to enhance the learning of all children throughout the year. Some examples are clubs, movements and a wide range of sports.

Special Education Needs Support

Our staff are committed to meeting the needs of all children in a nurturing and all-inclusive environment. We believe that children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, and we strive to ensure all children can take part in our wide range of activities. Some children have special needs which may be of a very specific nature. These needs could be learning difficulties, behavioral problems or physical difficulties. While working with the parents, we strive to teaching and advisory support. At all stages of SEN care, parents’ involvement is encouraged.