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Guidance & Counselling

The Guidance and Counseling is a key department in our school.

In Guidance, we give suggestions or directions or instructions to students
who have problems whether spiritual, emotional, academic or
psychological. It involves personal assistance. It is the body of
psychotherapy and building up process.

We give professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal,
emotional, spiritual, social or psychological problem. It is the heart of
psychotherapy (healing process) .Its more of personal, less structured and
Counseling seeks to address and resolve problems, work through feelings
and inner conflicts. It helps students in decision making while assisting one
to cope with crisis.

Specific behavior change as a result of both short and long term processes
in counseling

  • Plan guidance and counseling timetable and programs.
  • It offers the students a choice of available teachers to approach for
    counseling needs
  • To share out guidance and counseling assignments for easy and
  • To provide room for delegation of duties where there is a pool to
    choose from

In the absence of the HOD, the activities of the department will not be

Two days in a week (Tuesday and Wednesdays) is set aside for Gender
meetings where Life skill lessons are taught. This is done in the morning
session. There is also several school assemblies for guidance and
Professional resource persons are invited to speak to the students on vital
topics such as Drug and substance abuse.

In general the programme include;

  • mass school programme: deals with general issues . it involves either
    whole school, at key stage/class or a particular age group.
  • Group counseling: done at Gender meetings, class meetings,
    assemblies and school assemblies.
  • Individual counseling: mainly one on one counseling.
  • Peer counseling : school counselor trains and uses a few chosen
    students to mentor other students

It involves handling individuals who could be of the same age but share the
same needs. In the institution, peer counseling is carried on class basis,
The peer educators are under the Guidance and counseling Department.
The peer educators are trained on basic counseling skills to be of great
They are involved in choosing various topics to be addressed by speakers
among others.

We have embarked on a serious training for peer educators for quality and
efficiency. This involves but not limited to;

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Identify with good qualities of a peer counselor.
  • Learn the counseling process.
  • Learn ethical issues
  • Plan and goal setting.
  • Apply counseling skills I practice (role modeling).

Guidance and counseling is very important in helping students develop
positive behavior due to the the general moral degradation in modern days
in the following areas:

  • Political instability, epidemic and death leading to increased numbers
    of orphans and refugees
  • The students affected by HIV& AIDS in one way or another need a
    great deal of psychological and special care.
  • ICT access to dirty sites on the internet and interaction on social
  • A rapid state of urbanization against a very high rate of
    unemployment rate
  • Infiltration of foreign cultures to our societies that have brought
    moral decay