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Boarding Life

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Boarding Life at Mustard Seed International School

Boarding life at Mustard Seed International school has numerous benefits, with the main one
being that the students remaining on site allows them to fully take advantage of everything that
Mustard Seed offers.

The dormitories create an atmosphere that lets the students feel at home and fulfill their
academic potential. Part of the teaching staff live-in and support the students, overseeing all
their needs.

The Matron who also lives-in facilitate the day-to-day domestic side of the dormitories.
Boarding is available to pupils from Year 4 to Year 13. Some of the facilities include a Common
Room with TV(DSTV), kitchen areas for preparing meals and hot showers.

Prep time is a component of boarding life and entails learners being supervised by members of
the teaching staff as they carry on with their homework each evening.

Parents are encouraged to visit their children any time, by an arrangement with the Boarding

Our community welcomes learners of all faiths.

Day scholars are provided with 10 o’clock, lunch and 4 o’clock tea/milk before they proceed
home. Special dietary requests can be catered for.

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