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Alone In the woods

” We’re going camping!’ my younger brother Matthew shouted as he budged into my room. I yawned as I checked my phone, it was still 7 a.m. “Ok” I replied , I was so excited but I could hear the zipping of bags as my family prepared to leave.

” Alex, you are late for breakfast!” my mother said. I waved her off and said I’d just have a cup of coffee. Once we were all in the car, my dad suggested we pray. I was left contemplating what dangers there could be. While they were countless, I hoped God would protect us. As we pulled away, I pulled out my phone. “No’ , my mom said firmly and I quickly put it away before it could be confiscated. With nothing else to do, I stared at the green scenery and thought about my former school and friends. I missed them a lot though it wasn’t that bad in my new school.

” Hey , watch where you are going!” my dad yelled at a driver as he almost rammed into us trying to overtake us. I sighed as this happened all the time. As he drove past us, I managed to catch a glimpse of his face. It was full of tattoos even on his bald head. Even though I didn’t think about it, he did kind of give me the chill. “We are here!” my mum announced. I was so snapped out of my sleep as the car jerked to a stop . We were at a parking lot and I could see the dark forest behind the gate. I glanced at a red car that looked vaguely familiar. To my utter surprise and horror, the man with tattoos stepped out but no one in the family seem to recognize him, so I kept quiet quiet.

We found a perfect camping spot among the trees and started setting up the tent. When we were done, my dad asked me to go help him because I had a homing beacon. That was until I ran into the man with tattoos and he wasn’t alone. There were three other men, all yelled. “Oh , I know you , ” he sneered as he pulled out a gun. ” Alex!” I had my dad yelled in the distance. He wouldn’t be here in time. The man with tattoos held the gun to my head. To my sheer surprise, I was absolutely calm. When I finally heard the gunshot, I distinctively closed my eyes closed my eyes and waited for the impact.

Written by, Nyariki Amonga

Student, Mustard Seed International Schools.

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